Vermont Compliant Fertilizer

L.D. Oliver Seed has changed its formulas for lawn fertilizer to comply with the Vermont statute.  No fertilizer is to be applied to lawns before April 1st or after October 15th, or when the ground is frozen. 

Lake Friendly Fertilizer is blended here at our Facility.

The following No-Phos blends are available:

Lawn Supreme 20-0-12 for a Supreme Looking Lawn
One Step 12-0-7 for Liming and Fertilizing in One Step
GMF 10-0-10 or a Custom Blend of your choice.

We can custom blend fertilizer for your field crops and Christmas trees. 
Our One Step lawn fertilizer allows fertilizing and liming in "One Step".
Lawn Supreme is available in 3 versions: 20-3-12 original / 20-3-12 with slow release nitrogen for season long feeding
and 20-0-12 "No - Phos for sensitive areas
All are available in 50lb. and 25lb. bags.
Contact Steve Hardy at 802-893-1241

New Law Protects Waterways!

Vermont Law limits the use of phosporous on existing lawns and stipulates use of water insoluble nitrogen in ALL lawn fertilizer. 

PHOSPHORUS runoff poses a threat to water quality.  Most VERMONT lawns do not benefit from fertilizer  
  containing PHOSPHORUS.

  Under VERMONT law, fertilizer containing PHOSPHORUS  
  shall not be applied to lawns unless:
  it is applied to a new lawn OR 
  a soil test indicates that the lawn has a PHOSPHORUS  


The three numbers in the analysis tell the percentage of the three essential plant foods: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Additional numbers indicate the addition of secondary or minor plant food elements: Magnesium (Mg), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), and Sulfur (S).

NITROGEN will increase growth of leaves and stems, stimulates rapid early growth, and greening up the plant. A deficiency in nitrogen will cause yellow leaves and stunted growth. 

PHOSPHOROS promotes root formation and growth. Particularly helpful to root crops such as potatoes, carrots, and beets. A deficiency in phosphorus will cause lower leaves to turn red, purple or an unusual deep green.

POTASSIUM increases plant vigor and resistance to disease. It stimulates production of strong, stiff stalks, promotes the production of sugar, starch and oils, and increases plumpness of fruits and vegetables. A deficiency will result in yellow leaves 
at the tips and edges, weak stalks, and poor “setting” of fruit.

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