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Spring Chicks Information

Black Star
(Black Sex Link)

Black Sex Links are a combination of Rhode Island Red and a Barred Rock chickens. When hatched, males will have a white feathers on their heads. They are very hardy and forage well. They can lay up to 300 eggs per year.

Gold Star
(Golden Sex Link)

Also known as the Bovan Brown, Golden Sex Links can lay up to 300 strong shelled eggs per year. They are a very hardy bird and can withstand colder temperatures.

Rhode Island Red

The state bird of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Reds are a friendly and hardy bird. They can lay 200 – 300 eggs a year.

New Hampshire Red

Originating in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, these birds are family friendly. They can lay around 200 eggs per year and thrive in colder temperatures.

Barred Rock

Originating in New England, Barred Rocks are very winter hardy. They typically lay 200 or more eggs a year. They are friendly and docile birds as well as avid foragers.

Black Australorp

Originating in Australia, Black Australorp are very large birds. They are a quiet and gentle breed and handle confinement well. They lay a light brown egg and can lay around 250 eggs per year.

Buff Orpington

Golden in color, Buff Orpingtons have heavy plumage that makes them cold weather tolerant. They are extremely family-friendly and handle confinement well. They can lay over 200 brown eggs per year.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandottes are friendly birds, making them great for backyard flocks and urban settings. Their silver and white plumage has greenish black edging. They are winter hardy birds and can lay around 200 eggs a year.

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Golden Laced Wyandottes make great mothers. They can lay around 200 eggs a year. They have an easy going nature and are very winter hardy.


Ameraucanas lay blue/green eggs and are medium sized birds. They come in several different colors, making a diverse flock. They can lay around 250 eggs per year.

White Leghorn

Originating in Italy, the White Leghorn are intelligent and active birds. They lay white eggs and can lay from 280-320 eggs per year. They are not an overly affectionate breed but will be a great addition to any flock!

Olive Egger

Olive Eggers are a cross between Ameraucanas, Marans, and Legbars. This combination is what allows the breed to produce olive-colored eggs. This breed is known to be docile and friendly and make a great family flock chicken. They can lay anywhere from 140-200 eggs per year.

Spring Ducks Information


One of the most popular breeds of duck within the United States. Pekins have been historically used for eggs as well as meet production. They are known to be friendly and non-aggressive birds.


Mallards originate in North America, and have always been a popular breed. They are considered a flying duck and can begin to fly as early as 16 weeks. They typically hatch and raise 1-2 broods of ducks each year.


Cayugas are hardy duck that can raise large numbers of broods despite colder temperatures. They have a quiet and docile temperament and can make great pets being hand raised. They can live for 8-12 years.


Runner ducks have been known to be extremely social, friendly, and easy to train. They often value a close relationship with their owners.

Spring Guineas Information

French Pearl

Guinea hens can serve several purposes for owners. They are often used as protectors of flocks and are used to ward off any unwanted predators. They are also extremely good foragers and when left to roam typically feed on small bugs and insects like ticks.