Green Mountain Fertilizer & Lime

Green Mountain Fertilizer can also supply your farm with towable fertilizer spreaders for your hay and cornfields. Custom blends based on soil tests available on request.


We also have a full line of seeds for your farm conventional and organic varieties available.

  • Brevant corn seed conventional
  • Small Grains (Semican, Albert Lea)
  • Timothy: common and improved varieties
  • Clovers (red, white) Common and improved varieties
  • Alfalfa
  • Many improved grasses for hay and grazing
  • Many stock mixes available for hay and pasture
  • Custom mixes available (250 lbs. min)

Lawn/Turf Start – GMF Lawn Starter

6-16-12 1.2Mg with slow-release nitrogen for extended feed.

Maintain – One Step

12-0-7 with lime, iron, and slow-release nitrogen.

Fall/End of Season – Winterize

Fall Supreme 6-0-12 1.2 Mg slow-release nitrogen.

All-Purpose Fertilizers

Vegetables, Flowers, Trees
05-10-15, 05-10-10, 10-10-10

GMF Pelletized Lime

Calcitic limestone balance soil PH.

Hydro-Seeding Fertilizer

Complete No-Filler.

N-P-K example 10-10-10. The three numbers of fertilizer analysis that tell the percentages of the three essential plant foods: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Additional numbers indicate the secondary (minor) plant food elements: Magnesium (Mg); Copper (Cu); Zinc (Zn); Iron (Fe); Manganese (Mn); Boron (B); and Sulfur (s).